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About Ethnicity Eyewear



We should begin our conversations with our similarities and celebrate our differences....

We believe that ethnic specific design goes far beyond just proper anatomical fit, it should include flattering lines and coloring, cultural tastes and take into account optical correction needs.  We strive to balance all of these factors and create comfortable, flattering eyewear which celebrates what makes you unique.



Styled by our Japan based designers  Asian designs feature softer lines which meld with the Asian face, colors to lift the Asian skin tones, bowed out or feather fit temples to accommodate wider, rounder heads without the need for overly large sized frames which become heavy and don’t sit as well.  Nose bridges are built up to keep frames the proper distance from the face and prevent sliding down.  Frames slip on comfortably yet hold securely, wear lightly with just the right amount of presence. 


Styled by our US based African American stylists  African designs are bolder and the amount of presence of the frame is achieved through color selection and texture.  Sculpted nose bridges eliminate pressure points and increase contact area keeping the frame at the appropriate height and distance from the face.  Frames are wider or feature bowed out temples where necessary and temple lengths are longer.  Temples stiffer so they don’t “lose” to tight curly hair.  Colors are chosen for caramel through dark walnut skin tones and either pop or disappear with subtly changing clears.


Under Construction

Hand Made in Sanjo, Japan

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